• Corporate Training

    An organization’s workforce needs to constantly evolve skills to keep abreast with changing business climes. Amity Skills leverages on its years of expertise honed for close to a decade to provide to all categories of education and industry verticals. Our methodology that ensures complete transfer of learning makes us unique. We specialize in behavioral skills, soft skills and personality development related programs. We are adept at both CRT (Classroom Training) and OBT (Outward-Bound Training).


    Amity executed a project of corporate training on the topic of “Waste Management segregation” for 143 “Safai Nayak” in Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, under the scheme of “Swachh Bharat Mission”.


  • Training Need Analysis

    This is an effective way to identify any gap between the skills Client’s business needs and those the Client’s employees have. The following are the methods we employ:

    1. Direct observation
    2. Questionnaires
    3. Consultation with Immediate supervisors
    4. Interviews with sample population
  • Course Design & Developing Customized Course content:

    A course design is created and customized course content is developed based on the following parameters after the TNA.

    1. The people to be trained & the conditions under which training is to be imparted
    2. Appropriate training techniques based on learning capabilities of participants
    3. Evaluation procedure to be followed
    4. On-the-job applications
  • Training Delivery:

    Based on the client’s requirement and TNA the following are the methods we use
    for training.

    1. Classroom training (CRT) / Outward Bound Training (OBT)
    2. The Methodology employed for CRT and OBT will be
      Experiential Learning (60% Activities and 40% Theory).
  • Post training Support:

    Based on the client’s requirement we offer post-training support to participants to
    check the effectiveness of the programs.

    1. Scientific Evaluation of improvement
    2. Performance Coaching

What You Can Expect From Amity Education Services Pvt. Ltd. (AES)

  1. Transactional Analysis
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Business communication
  5. Interpersonal Skills
  6. Business Etiquettes
  7. Assertiveness
  8. Time Management
  9. Stress Management
  10. Goal setting
  11. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  12. Conflict Resolution
  13. Personality Development
  14. Team Building
  15. Customer Care
  16. Effective Meeting Skills
  17. Coaching & Mentoring skills
  18. Leadership skill